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Day of celebration

The UK Buqi community organised a weekend of practice together to celebrate Dr Shen’s work and to mark the anniversary of 10 years since his passing on 26 October 2011.

Groups of students gathered in Bristol, Brighton and Devon and even Oslo, Norway, to practice Taijiwuxigong and Taiji 37. At 2pm on Sunday linking up via zoom from homes and classes for a group meditation and mantra. The highlight for everyone was seeing Shen Jin, after so long in lockdown, who joined to say hello and give advice on taiji practice. We are very much hoping this will become a regular fixture on the Dr Shen Tai Chi UK events - watch this space!

The new Dr Shen Tai Chi UK website was also officially launched, after 2 years in planning and development. This is a huge achievement and will benefit so many people.

If you are a practitioner of Dr Shen’s system and would like to advertise classes or Buqi healing on the website please contact us here at

If you have any friends or students who would like to subscribe to our news to be kept up-to-date please complete the Stay in Touch section of the website here:

Thank you to Karen and Hilary for organising the day, it was wonderful to feel connected to the wider Buqi community.

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