Emma Snagge

I discovered Taijiwuxigong and Buqi in 2008 and have immersed myself in these healing systems ever since, still attending as many classes, workshops and retreats as I can.   The practice always makes me feel more balanced, open and clear and healthy.  


Exploring the far-reaching benefits is a continuous interest and passion.  Realising the profound benefits first hand and through treating others, I am motivated to help people learn this amazing system.   

I was very lucky to have met Dr Shen Hongxun and studied with him for a short time on Buqi and meditation, before his passing in 2011.  I continue my training in Taijiwuxigong, taiji 37, buqi and meditation with Dr Shen's daughter, Master Shen Jin and some of the main teachers in this system.   Studying with these teachers is an honour. 






My qualifications include Taijiwuxigong Teaching Diploma 2016-2018; Buqi Practitioner 2011-2013; Taiji 37 and Taiji13 2015-2017. 


Emma Snagge Qigong in Winchester