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I have been practicing Qigong with Emma for many years, the last 3 or so as her student. I had to have a long break last year due to illness. After my first session back with Emma I felt rejuvenated. Emma is a proficient and inspirational teacher. I strongly recommend Emma’s class for both those new to Qigong and those with experience"


I have tried many types of martial arts but nothing has worked for me as much as Emma's Qigong class.  Emma is not only a great teacher but she makes the classes fun too.   


Emma is also an excellent Buqi practitioner and her healing treatments really helped me when I broke my ribs after an accident.


Emma's online classes have been a tonic during Lockdown and have kept me practising every day, which in turn has helped my mental health. 

I find the sessions very beneficial.  


I love the detail Emma gives us and I always go away and use the information.


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