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There are many different types of Qigong.  Taijiwuxigong uses a set of exercises (daoyins) to target different areas of the body. 

The exercises help lengthen and open the spinal column, fascia and tendons to create a vibration force and activate the lower dantien, which is an energy centre in the lower body.  

Using induced spontaneous movement,  which occurs through cell vibration and connecting to the vibration of the earth itself, one can access many healing qualities.  This vibration force moves energy through the meridian system.  As the energy moves we are able to expel negative energy (binqi).

Binqi accumulates from pathogenic factors in the intervertebral spaces, organs, muscles, tissues, joints and channels as well as negative emotion.  It can be experienced as uncomfortable sensations such as stiffness, pain or heat.

The spinal column is well recognised today as the key to good health and all Taijiwuxigong exercises help to open the spine. Stress and daily habits can affect our posture and directly affect our nervous system, metabolism and health.   Regular practice of Taijiwuxigong can undo and clear the effects of these habits.   

Through this practise and the training of awareness, it is possible to develop a healthier lifestyle, not only with less physical pain but also finding a sense of support in life and more emotional ease.

You can clear and balance your energy with this simple yet effective healing method!

Qigong in the park, Itchen Abbas
Dr Shen Hongxun
Buqi Treatments

Buqi is an energy healing treatment system based on ancient techniques, devised by Dr Shen Hongxun. 

Disease can be caused by pathogenic factors and a build up of stagnant energy (binqi).  Negative emotions, such as stress, anger, fear and sadness, are another type of binqi.

Buqi treatments work to clear binqi and promote the free flow of energy throughout your body’s meridian system, the invisible pathways through which Qi moves and that connect everything in your body.  

This gentle treatment also connects you with your inner self and works with the natural intelligence of your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

For pain relief, digestion, respiratory problems, blood pressure and to rebalance emotions and the nervous system.

Often during or after a Buqi treatment you can be in a state of deep and natural relaxation. 


Dr Shen Hongxun and
his daughter Shen Jin 

Taijiwuixigong, Taiji37 and the Buqi system were founded by Dr Shen Hongxun  (*Shanghai 1939 – †Munkzwalm 2011).   Dr Shen was a doctor of both Chinese and Western medicine.  He practised taijiqun for over 50 years. 

He began his studies of Taiji at an early age under the legendary Professor Yao Huanzi who reached an unequalled level of skill during his lifetime (with the use of taiji forces he was able to prevent others from touching or even coming close to him). Later Dr Shen Hongxun received instruction in a similar method from Grandmaster Xia Zixin, of the Southern School of taijiquan.  He also trained in the Yang style of taijiquan from Grandmaster Tian Zhaolin, a principal family student of the eminent Grandmaster Yang Chengfu.

Dr Shen also received teaching from Buddhist and Taoist monks and his grandfather Shen Baotai.

Throughout his life Dr Shen Hongxun dedicated his time to the development of the Buqi, Taiji 37, Taijiwuxigong, E-Mei and Wuxi Meditation systems.

The exercise and treatment systems are now taught by Dr Shen's daughter Master Shen Jin across Europe and the UK.  Details of Shen Jin's courses can be found at the Buqi Institute.


Dr Shen Hongxun